3 Ways Curiosity Improves Business

If Curiosity Killed the Cat, What Did it do For the Entrepreneur?

Most people, if asked what virtues an entrepreneur needs to be successful, would mention they need to have a creative mind, be hard-working, not averse to risk, be committed, have solid financial resources and perhaps a dozen more. But, how many would mention curiosity? Curiosity is a common factor in every successful entrepreneur you can think of – a natural and abiding sense of curiosity is vital for success.

Research has shown that being curious improves learning by stimulating your mind’s reward system. The act of being curiosity actually motivates us and increases the speed at which we learn.

Curiosity leads to such observations as:

·      I wonder why that store does or doesn’t do this or that?

·      I’ve noticed that people are complaining a lot about customer service, is there a better way to streamline our database to make people happier and make money from it?

·      How come when people order carpeting, or an appliance, it has to be ordered in and they have to wait weeks for delivery – how can I do it better?

·      I’ve read that 40 per cent of all consumer purchases are made after 6 pm and yet most downtown stores close at 5:30, why is that?

·      Why does it take more than half a day to buy a car? And why don’t they open on Sundays?

Here are 3 ways to take your curiosity to the next level:

1.     Pick up a magazine on a subject you know nothing about and read it from cover to cover. When you’ve finished, think about whether anything you learned could be adapted to your business. You’ll be surprised at the connections you make.

2.     Check out how companies in different industries market what they sell. Especially overseas companies. Are they doing something you could adapt for your industry, or market?

3.     Out of the blue, contact someone in a similar business situation to you in a foreign company and ask whether they’d be prepared to chat about their industry and where it’s heading. You may have to schedule a conference call, but you’ll be surprised at the insights the meeting will generate.

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