$500 in Timesaving Tips

A business survey once reported that 25 per cent of respondents said they would pay more than $500 for just one more productive hour in the day. Well, put your cheque book away, here are ten tips that will give you a minimum of an hour’s more production a day.

  1. Order online – especially for office supplies, or electronics. Leaving your office not only wastes time but you are more likely to purchase more when you are physically at the store.
  2. Bank online – it’s tempting to take a trip to the bank, but unless it’s on your way to or from a meeting it wastes time.
  3. Use HootSuite – or a similar social media management system to handle your social media posts.
  4. To-do lists – I know this timesaving tip has whiskers, but you know it makes sense and keeps you on track, which in turn saves you time.
  5. Stop procrastinating – this is the biggest time thief of all. Make yourself accountable, or make yourself accountable to someone else so that you have a deadline.
  6. Delegate the small stuff – so many entrepreneurs are control freaks, type ‘A’ personalities who don’t believe anyone can do any job as good as they can.
  7. Take mental health breaks – I know, you simply don’t have time to have a break, but it has been proven that we become more productive when we take short breaks. I personally find 20-minutes meditating increases my productivity and cognitive awareness incredibly.
  8. Tune into your biorhythms – most of us have a certain time of the day when we are more productive than others. Do the important stuff when you have more energy and the hum-drum stuff when you’re flagging.
  9. Learn to say no – if procrastination is the biggest thief of time, then saying yes to unnecessary jobs is a close second.
  10. Meet or work, you can’t do both – meetings can steal huge chunks out of your day, while at the same time sapping your energy not to mention your will to live. Use techniques to control meetings so they last for shorter periods of time.
  11. The browser hi-jack – don’t get sidetracked when you need to check something on the Internet or your in-box. By all means use both as a tool but don’t be tempted by that cat video!

It’s frightening, but this list could have easily run to more than a hundred. In this social media crazy world, we can communicate with friends, family and colleagues in dozens of different ways all over the world in seconds – and we do. It’s a wonder that we ever get anything done at all. The biggest piece of time management advice of all is to be aware of how much time you have lost today, and attempt to lose less tomorrow!

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