7 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Important

Am I the only one that wants to feel special when I buy something from a company? The number of times I go to a store to part with my hard-earned cash only to feel like a number once they’ve got my money.

On the other hand, when I do get valued as a customer I feel important and want to shop at the store, or with the company again.

So, how do you make your customers feel you value them?

 (1) Pay attention

Noticing the small things means a lot to people. I got new glasses recently, quite bold ones, but very few of the staff in places I regularly shop noticed. The ones that did have gained a special place in my wallet!

(2) Really Listen

Listening empathically. Not just for the content, or for how you will respond, but listening between the words you hear. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.

(3) Put Them First

Remember that most customers are thinking WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) when it comes to being consumers. Care about what’s in it for them before what’s in it for you.

(4) Put Yourself in Their Shoes

See things from their perspective not yours. Go round to their side of the desk.

(5) Be Honest and Genuinely Open to Feedback

Don’t be defensive – listen and learn from constructive complaints.

(6) Deal with Problems Quickly

Customers want to feel important – dealing with their issues as a matter of priority will make them feel values.

(7) Be Creative in Showing Appreciation

Little things can mean a lot. The other day I was in a Starbucks I visit often and the barista said the coffee and cake were on them. When I asked why, they said, “Because we want you to have an awesome day!” You know what? I did!


Making customers feel important is a win-won tactic.

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