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Forget buying pens and other promotional items to keep your name in front of your customers; our branded eBooks will actually help them become more successful! Each Your Better Business Content eBook features your logo, a full page advertisment and your contact information. Over time you can help your customers build a complete eBusiness library – a promotional gift that will last long after the pen with your name on it has broken, or run out of ink!


  • Inexpensive, professional, promotional gift for customers
  • Your organization’s name and web address at the foot of every page
  • Your eBooks will be forwarded by recipients to their friends and colleagues – maximizing exposure


  • Each title focuses on a topic aimed at helping businesspeople succeed
  • Customize any title with your logo and personalized branding and contact information
  • Space for advertisements or sponsor logos
  • One-time license – no annual fee, it’s yours for life


  • Single Edition eBook: $179
  • 3 eBook Bundle: $483.30 (10% discount)
  • 6 eBook Bundle: $912.90 (15% discount)
  • 9 eBook Bundle: $1,329.08 (17.5% discount)
  • 9+ titles: $145 per title (19%)

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