Welcome to the YourBBC Blog

This blog will consist of anything and everything that comes to mind – the canvas is huge – we’ll feature videos, written posts, audio clips, images, whatever takes our fancy. Some posts will be educational and informative, others will be my musings on business, the meaning of life, and whatever else I think our readers might find entertaining and useful. We’ll invite professional, published business writers as guests from time to time, just to spice things up and let them share what’s on their mind.

Who am I? Mike Wicks, business writer, author, raconteur and one of YourBBC’s owners.

I started working in the publishing industry at the tender age of 18 and worked my way from being a trainee sales rep to managing director of a publishing company. I moved to Canada some 24-years ago and got into economic development, small business training, and eventually became a writer and author.

I learned about sales, marketing and running businesses the hard way, on the street from hardened sales guys (and yes in those days they were all guys!). My post secondary education was almost all at the school of hard knocks, so if during these posts I talk about something, you can bet your life I didn’t learn it from a book. Enjoy!