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About Blue Beetle Print Books

Your Better Business Content, through it’s parent company Blue Beetle Books Inc. publishes its own range of books as well custom publishing books for a wide range of clients. Our speciality is working with towns, cities and regions, as well as not-for-profits to conceptualize, structure, write, edit, proofread, design and produce finished copies of books. We offer a complete turnkey publishing service.

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Landmark Books

Blue Beetle Books Landmark Books provide the ultimate opportunity to showcase your region or organization. Hand someone a beautiful hard-cover coffee table book featuring your organization and they are going to take notice. While people throw promotional literature into the garbage without a second thought, they will never throw away a beautiful book – to most people that would be sacrilege.

Landmark books are full colour hardcover books published to museum quality standards.

Regional Landmark Books

We Publish

Your Better Business Content, through its Blue Beetle Books custom imprint, publishes coffee table quality books promoting towns, cities and regions. Working with community champions and city management we produce books that can change the perception of a place, promote investment, stimulate the economy and build community pride. With a Blue Beetle Books publication we take all the financial risk and donate a minimum of 100 copies of the book to the local authority. Although we work closely with the host community, we retain all rights to the resulting publication.

You Publish

In this scenario a town, city, or region retains our services to produce a Landmark Book. Check out two examples of Landmark Books: Our City of Langford  and Shaping the Capital Region for 50 Years.

other cases we are retained by the town, city, or region to produce a book that will assist them in their economic development activities.

Landmark Books are perfect for:

  • Towns and cities
  • Regions, provinces, states, counties
  • Corporations
  • Organizations
  • Schools
  • Not-for-profits
  • Groups
  • A Legacy Book can be used in many ways including:As an economic development driver
  • To celebrate an anniversary
  • To tell the history of an organization
  • As protocol, corporate or donor gifts
  • For general promotional purposes

Corporate Histories

Celebrate your corporate anniversary, or a landmark in your history, by publishing a book that can be given to clients, suppliers and friends as both a thank-you and a promotional tool. Almost any organization can benefit from telling its story, so whether you’re a trade association, charitable organization, or an old family firm, talk to us about how we can help mark the occasion and position you for the next 100 years!

Whether you are a retiring politician, CEO or sport’s star, Legacy books give you a chance to tell your story. We can help you tell that story in a way that will provide a lasting tribute to your work and allow you to share your wisdom with the world. A good book can also strategically position you for the next phase of your career. Barack Obama wrote two books to communicate his career success as well as his personal and political philosophy, and look where it got him!

Brand Builder Books

When you’re an expert at what you do, you need to communicate this to potential clients. The printed book still reigns supreme for building credibility and educating your market. A well-written book can turn a financial planner, real estate agent, or any professional into the ‘go-to’ person. Check out Professional Corporations, written by one of our clients, Tim Paziuk. This book made Tim a guru in his field and saw him featured in national newspapers and as a guest speaker at dozens of conferences. His second book is due out in Spring 2011, and his first book is being reissued as a completely revised softcover

Custom Publications

Whether you need professional help through the whole process, or you’d like to pick and choose from the services below, I’m happy to help make your publication the professional success it deserves to be.

  • Conceptualizing – have a rough idea of what you want to achieve but need some creative input?
  • Structuring – not sure how to lay the book out; need help with the table of contents?
  • Ghostwriting – writing not your forte, or don’t have time for the grunt work?
  • Editing – it helps to have someone edit your writing as you’re often too close to your own words!
  • Proofreading – you should always get a professional to catch all those typos!
  • Design and layout – want your book to look as good as those in the bookshop?
  • Production – I help with choosing paper, binding, the right quality of print and quantity.
  • Delivery – wherever you want it, when you want it.