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About YourBBC

Your Better Business Content: The Only Content Provider You'll Ever Need

In today’s social media driven world, we all know content is king, especially business content. However, so much of the business content you see online is mere fluff, there’s no substance to it – it’s poorly written and it lacks depth.

Your Better Business Content – YourBBC – changes all that by providing superior, professionally written business content in ready-to-brand eMagazines and eBooks, and a brand new catalogue of business articles that take online business content to a whole new level.

The principals behind YourBBC are Mike Wicks and Paul Abra. Mike is a published business writer and award-winning author, a seasoned book publisher and business trainer. Paul is a well-established executive coach and magazine publisher with a Masters in Education.

From off-the-shelf eMagazines and articles to tailor-made publications and custom-written articles, all at prices you won’t believe, YourBBC is the only business content provider you’ll ever need. Add a range of eBooks and self-delivered training workshops and YourBBC is re-writing what great business content means one magazine and one article at a time.

Our Management Team and Lead Writers

Mike Wicks is YourBBC’s chief writer and editor. Mike is the author of nine print books and countless business eBooks, articles, blog posts and training programs. He has written for Douglas Magazine, a Victoria, BC business magazine for the last ten years. Mike’s early career was in book publishing where he was a divisional head at Random House and later managing director of the Rowan Publishing Company in the U.K. Mike has worked in economic development and was the CEO of a Chamber of Commerce with over 500 members. He also set up and ran a self-employment assistance program for the federal government.

Paul Abra is an certified Executive Coach and has a Master of Education degree. His background in magazine publishing and writing is an asset to YourBBC. He contributes the monthly Coach’s Corner to YourBBC’s Leading Edge magazine.

Every article published in a YourBBC eMagazine, eBook, or listed in its article catalogue, has been written and edited by a member of the YourBBC team – all of whom are published business writers.

Mike Wicks

Paul Abra