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Welcome to our FAQ’s (FAQ’s) page. Please feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below. Click on any of the FAQ’s or the plus button to see answers. The first section deals with questions concerning our article library. Following that we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers relating to our eMagazines. If your question is still not answered, please contact us HERE and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours.

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to the YourBBC Article Library

What is your catalogue of articles and why are they better than other articles available online?

We have several hundred business articles in our catalogue, with new ones added every week. The primary difference between our articles and our competitors is that our material is written by professional, published business writers. YourBBC articles are well-researched, well-written and editable by you. This means you can change the title, or add specific information about your company, market, or industry increasing each article’s SEO effectiveness.

How much are articles? And what rights do I have?

Standard articles are $14.95 and Premium $19.95 – we also have shorter articles suitable for blog posts at just $9.95. Once purchased you can pretty do anything you want with them except resell them. They can be used in newsletters, ePublications, blogs and on websites. We even allow you to change the title to meet your needs.

Why are the articles so inexpensive?

Think of it like a stock photo library where you are purchasing the ability to use the image not to have a photographer take a photo specifically for you. Others may also purchase and use the same article, however the likelihood of you coming across the same article being used by a competitor is remote.

Do I have sole ownership of the article I purchase?

No, for such a low fee you are only paying for use of the article. If you would like us to write something specifically for you to your specifications, we can do that starting at $170. Please call us to discuss your needs.

How many articles do you have?

We are adding more articles every month so the number changes daily. We will also regularly update articles so they are never stale, or contain dated information. The important thing is that we do not have, nor do we want to have, hundreds of thousands of articles. We are not attempting to be the business content provider with the most articles, just the best. Our mission is to provide articles of the highest professional quality. There are many content providers supplying cheap, poorly written, low content fluff – this is not the market YourBBC wants to compete in; our content is at the level seen in top international business magazines.

How good are your writers?

We only use professional writers who have been published in business magazines, trade journals, newspapers and the like. In addition, they are experienced businesspeople who have spoken nationally and internationally on business topics at conferences and symposiums.

What is the difference between Short-form, Standard articles and Premium articles?

Premium articles (aka long-form) go into more detail about a topic and are usually in excess of 1,000 words in length. Standard articles are usually between 500 and 1,000 words. Short-form articles are more suitable for blog posts.

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to YourBBC Customizable eMagazines

What makes The Leading Edge and Business Essentials special?

We have developed a cost effective way of sending all your clients, customers or members a highly informative, professional written, customized eMagazine monthly for as little as $40 per month.

How much are The Leading Edge and Business Essentials eMagazines?

It depends on the subscription you choose. Detailed pricing can be found on the relevant eMagazine page.

Can I choose any articles I like for the Leading Edge or Business Essentials?

Unfortunately, not. YourBBC eMagazines are published monthly with set articles and are meant as a cost effective way of having a customized publication at an extremely low cost. However, YourBBC has several hundred articles in its catalogue that you can purchase to populate your own publication or blog

Can I add content to my Leading Edge or Business essentials eMagazine?

Yes, if you purchase a premium subscription; you can add your own articles, information, advertisements and images.

What is a Premium subscription?

Premium subscribers can access their eMagazine through our special member’s access and add their own content, images and advertising.

When you say I can customize my eMagazine what do you mean exactly?

When you subscribe to either The Leading Edge or Business Essentials, you can change the banner image, the title of the publication, add your logo to the banner, add links to your website, add contact information and even add two banner advertisements (more if you have a Premium subscription). Many subscribers sell advertisements to offset their subscription cost, or even make money from their YourBBC eMagazine.

How long have you been producing eMagazines?

We published the first issue of The Leading Edge (then called Small Business Success) in August 2003.

Can I offset the cost of my subscription by selling advertising in my customized Leading edge of Business essentials eMagazine?

Yes, depending on the subscription level you have you will be able to add two or more banner advertisements. Call us to find out how some of our subscribers even make a profit from their eMagazine.

Could YourBBC create a unique eMagazine monthly for my organization?

Yes, we can do that but be aware the cost is significantly higher than purchasing a subscription to one of our customizable off-the-shelf ePublications.

Could YourBBC partner with me to produce an eMagazine we sell to leaders in our industry for them to send to their clients, customers, patients etc.?

Yes, in fact we are currently in discussion with several potential publishing partners who wish to make use of our unique back-end publishing system.