5 Ways Reading Can Improve Your Business

This is a teaser for a new article we will be putting into the Your Better Business Content article library soon. As a writer I’m also an avid reader and always have several books on the go at any one time. No matter the subject matter of a book I can almost always find something in what I’m reading that can have an impact on my business.

Years ago someone coined the phrase “you are what you read”, but today, according to an American study, fewer people are reading books than ever. Maybe it’s all the new technology, maybe it’s our short attention spans but there is a huge value for entrepreneurs in reading. Here are five reasons why taking time to read more might actually improve your skills as a businessperson.

  • Reading newspapers and trade publications helps you stay current in your industry.
  • Reading biographies or motivational books can inspire you.
  • Novels read for the sheer joy of escaping and using your imagination is like deep breathing for the brain and lead to improved creativity and productivity.
  • Reading something challenging can keep your mind sharp. Reading things that are difficult challenges your mind to go places it wouldn’t normally go.
  • Reading great classic works helps you enjoy the pure beauty of art and language and can in turn help your own writing.

So, what are you reading? Make increased reading a part of your plans. The benefits may surprise you!

What am I reading right now? I’m into studying Mindfulness at the moment which is helping me both personally and in my business. I’m reading several books on the topic including: The Full Catastrophe and Wherever You Go, There you Are, both by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.