How Courteous Are You and Your Staff?

How many of the following questions can you honestly say yes to? Me? I managed to say yes to all but three – I’m working on those and I’m not telling you which three!

  1. Do you always say please and thank you at restaurants, when you shop, when someone has helped you in some way?
  2. Do you notice when people are approaching a building at the same time as you and hold the door open for them?
  3. Are you generous with compliments and expressing when others have done a good job?
  4. Do you return phone calls and emails in a timely manner?
  5. Do you allow the person with one grocery item to go ahead of you in the check-out?
  6. Do you allow other vehicles to move into the lane in front of you without honking your horn?
  7. Do you regularly express gratitude to those around you, especially when someone has done something nice for you?
  8. Are you available to others without making them feel like they’re imposing?
  9. Do you pay your bills on time, or let your creditors know if you cannot?
  10. Are you cautious about how you speak about others?
  11. Do you make sure never to put down your competitors or speak ill of them?
  12. Do your customers know that you value them?
  13. Have you trained your staff to respond with courtesy and politeness in all situations?
  14. Do you regularly ask others for input, and genuinely consider what they have offered?
  15. Do you make sure never to keep people waiting for longer than a few minutes to meet with you?
  16. Do you make every effort to curb your tongue when you feel like flying off the handle?

If you can truly say yes to at least a dozen you’re doing okay, but consider working on the ones that made you squirm a little.