Make Yourself a Local Media Star

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Guess who’s company made the local TV news last night – and it wasn‘t you. If it was your competitor, you may be scratching your head (or banging it) since you know you are far more knowledgeable about your industry and you’re sure you would make a better interview.

It could be that the reporter or producer knew her previously but the most likely case is that she has worked a strategy to get to know those in the media, making them aware of her product and her knowledge of the industry.

So, build your own strategies around:

Social Media – target editors where they hang out online, reply to their social media posts and stories.

Network – attend events reporters attend (business associations; council meetings etc.). Offer them material on your industry or let them know what specialist knowledge you possess that they could access from you next time they are doing a story. But don’t make it a pitch – no strings attached is best. Talk about something they wrote in your blog and email them a link to what you said.

Become Indispensable – always make yourself available if a reporter contacts you, even if you are on vacation. Help them by offering angles to the story they might not have thought of, or follow-up stories, or interesting people they might interview. Make yourself a reliable source.

Leverage Your Advantage – make YouTube videos about your company and send it to relevant journalists you’ve met. Make sure you frame your story as a local example of a current issue. Think about the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How – and rehearse your answers.

Plan Ahead – Pre-write tweets and a blog post, so you can immediately tell friends, family, clients and supporters when the story runs.

The bottom line is: reach out, be helpful, and activate your strategy. The publicity is there for the taking. All you have to do is ask.