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Training Presentation: 20 Days – 20 Habits – Super Sales


What You Get With Your Training Presentation:

  • White-labeled with your own corporate logo (optional extra $60)
  • A silent drive-and-present yourself version
  • Full transcript
  • 21-minute, trainer-presented version (narrated option only)
  • Video presentation (narrated option only)

To see how a Dynamic Presentation works, and to watch a sample of a narrated version, go to the bottom of our DEMO page.

Tip: If you just want to skip to the sample of a narrated version move the play bar to 3 minutes 42 seconds.

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The fully narrated version of the 20 Days – 20 Habits – Super Sales training workshop is approximately 20-minutes long, and is presented by Mike Wicks. Mike is a professional trainer, facilitator, writer and author. His upbeat, enthusiastic and energetic style will engage your sales team and encourage them to adopt the habits of highly successful salespeople.

The non-narrated version of the 20 Days – 20 Habits – Super Sales training session can be self-delivered using the provided transcript. This version is suitable for team leaders who want to either present their own material on the 20 habits, edit the transcript to meet their specific needs, or use the transcript as is for delivery.

As he says in his introduction, “Today, we’re going to look at the habits that make top salespeople top producers. My name’s Mike Wicks, I’ve been in sales and sales management for over 40-years and everything I’ve learned about the art and science of selling I learned on the front line. Today, I’m a sales trainer, business writer and author and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned along the way with you using this unique Prezi format.”

The other day someone asked me, “Mike you’ve been selling all your life – tell me what’s the secret to becoming a top performer?” I was tempted to give a glib, sales trainer reply, something along the lines of, “Work hard, discover the needs of your prospects, and always be closing.” But, it got me thinking about whether I could really distil the key elements of sales success down to 20 key principles. I thought about the super salespeople I’ve met, managed and interviewed over the years and thought about what habits they had in common, and came up with the following list. If you adopt one of these habits every day for the next twenty days, you too could be a top performer.

Sample Habit

Habit 8 – Set yourself goals and targets

Set yourself goals and targets. Super salespeople don’t wait for their sales managers to give them targets, they set their own. It’s a winning habit to set yourself targets based on the number: of leads generated; calls per day, appointments made, presentations made, sales achieved. If you can measure success by it – target it!

I remember when I was selling in the book publishing industry I set a target for every new book we published, not just those my sales manager focused on. I also set targets for the number of calls I made per week, number of new prospects and customers, number of in-store displays – you name it, I targeted it. This simple act made me one of the top earners in the industry!

The training presentation, 20 Days – 20 Habits – Super TeleSales is now available.


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