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An Entrepreneur’s Look at a New Year


Word count: 737

Many of us make resolutions to start off the New Year, whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, or whatever, but do you ever think to make resolutions for your business? Personally I think it’s the perfect time of year to take stock of what went well in our business and what didn’t and adjust our business strategies accordingly.
As we start the New Year, I am making a few specific resolutions: first I am going to stop being a charity to people (read clients) who don’t respect my time. That’s not to say that I am not going to work hard for them, because I always do, but I’m not going to give them a whole bunch of my time for free. I have a habit of doing that and a friend recently told me it could make me look like a pushover. She said I should charge a fair price for a fair day’s work…

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