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Handling Objections and Closing Sales


Facilitator Manual: 66 pages – Participant Manual 52 pages

This workshop is pitched at an intermediate level suitable to those fairly new to selling, while at the same time encouraging experienced sales people to fully consider how they are currently handling objections in general, and more specifically how they are handling them in relation to their particular product or service. Too often salespeople are taught to push and push and never take no for an answer from a prospect. The first module takes a look at some of the basic rules of selling. It encourages participants to focus on choosing to sell to people who are much more likely to buy, rather than wasting time on prospects that are never likely to buy. The second module takes a close look at the four primary types of objections. This pull-back-on-the-lens look categorizes objections as real, accidental, false and hidden. Module three is in the form of a discussion on the most common objections sales people generally face. The next module leads participants through an exercise to take a close look at the specific objections they face on a day-to-day basis. In module five we take a look at how objections vary depending on the personality type of the prospect, and how the same objection should be dealt with differently based on the personality of the person making the objection and the sales person’s own social style.

At this stage, the workshops shifts into high gear and takes an in-depth look at handling objections in the field. Module seven takes the objections listed by participants in module four and allows participants in a group exercise to come up with sound answers and methods of dealing with them effectively. Trial closing is dealt with in module eight and allows participants to develop several trial closes that will work in their sales environment. The final module looks at what many people feel is the toughest part of selling – closing. Five easy closes are discussed and practiced.

Sample Participant's Manual Sample Facilitator's Manual
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