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Innovative Onboarding


Word count 1534

Let’s take a look at two employees’ first day at a new job.

Scenario 1
Amy is excited about her new role with Office 123. When she arrives on her first day the receptionist doesn’t know who she is and asks her to sit in the lobby. Twenty minutes later she receives instruction to show Amy to her to her workstation, where the IT guy is still setting her computer up. Amy waits awkwardly until he is finished and sits down to await further instructions. A few minutes later she receives a stack of forms from HR and is instructed to fill them out and give them to her manager. Amy completes the forms but realizes she doesn’t know where who or where her manager is. She asks someone to help her but when she knocks on the office door she’s told the manager is on an important call – and to go back to her workstation and review the company’s website. After an hour, her manager takes Amy on a …

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