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Dynamic Presentation TeleSales

Training Presentation: 20 Days – 20 Habits – Super TeleSales


What You Get With Your Training Presentation:

  • White-labeled with your own corporate logo (optional extra $60)
  • A silent drive-and-present yourself version
  • Full transcript
  • 30-minute, trainer-presented version (narrated option only)
  • Video presentation (narrated option only)

To see how a Dynamic Presentation works, and to watch the first four habits narrated, go to the bottom of our DEMO page.

Tip: If you just want to skip to the habits move the play bar to 3 minutes 42 seconds.

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TeleSales - Dynamic presentation

The fully narrated version of the training presentation, 20 Days – 20 Habits – Super TeleSales, lasting a little over 30-minutes, is presented by Mike Wicks. Mike is a professional trainer, facilitator, writer and author. His upbeat, enthusiastic and energetic style will engage your sales team and encourage them to adopt the habits of highly successful salespeople.

The non-narrated version of the training presentation, 20 Days – 20 Habits – Super TeleSales can be self-delivered using the provided transcript. This version of the training presentation is suitable for team leaders who want to either present their own material on the 20 habits, edit the transcript to meet their specific needs, or use the transcript as is for delivery.

Mike Wicks’ introduction

I’ve been in sales for over 40-years and what I’m going to show you today I learned in the trenches. If you adopt one of these habits every day for the next twenty days, you too could be a top performer. The other day someone asked me, “Mike you’ve been selling all your life – tell me what’s the secret to becoming a top performer?” I was tempted to give a glib, sales trainer reply, something along the lines of, “Work hard, discover the needs of your prospects, and always be closing.” But, it got me thinking about whether I could really distil the key elements of sales success down to 20 key principles. I thought about the super telesales professionals I’ve met, managed and interviewed over the years and thought about what habits they had in common, and came up with the following list.

Here’s the trip we’re going to take together to get to basecamp – each signpost along the way points out one more habit that will help you become a top telesales performer. Of course, once you reach basecamp it’s up to you to climb the mountain to success. But, as you’ll see, my graphic designer has had some fun and added a few cute critters here and there to cheer you on!

Sample Habit

Audio Track-14 – Habit #11 – If you reach a prospect’s voicemail, always leave a message

Forget being anonymous – prospects can track you down!

In the past, many telesales people thought it best not leave a message if they got through to a machine – even today I frequently get ‘silent’ messages, but when I return to my office if I have a message I listen to it, however if it’s a ‘silent’ message I check my Caller ID to see who called. If I don’t recognize the number I go to Google and see who the heck called me – if I deem it to be a spam I block the number. If, during this process, I see that others have had the same experience with that particular number I’ll add a comment to a “Who Called You?” website where people go to vent.

Not leaving a message can be the worst thing you can do.

Super telesales people, on the other hand, leave a message that intrigues the prospect, one that encourages them to call back or take some other form of action.

Let me give you an example, say you are calling Rob Mason, you might leave a message that says, “Sorry to have missed you Mr. Mason, it’s Mike here from Acme Marketing, I know you’re very busy but I have something to show you that I am sure you will find incredibly beneficial to your company – if you can just visit acme.com forward slash Rob hypen Mason you’ll be able to see what I mean.”

The fact that the URL features their name will likely pique their curiosity. On the web page, personally thank them by name for visiting and allow them to access a demonstration video, short presentation, special offer, or something else that will be of interest to them. At the end of the page, invite them to contact you immediately by phone, or by clicking an email link and also tell them you’ll call them back in a few days.

Spend a little time creating a powerful message that works for you – perhaps several – and test them to see which works best. The key is it needs to encourage the prospect to either return the call or find out more information. Do this and watch your contact rate soar.


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