Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Do you fear other people ripping off your ideas, or products? Does your business produce or sell something uniquely yours? Whether it’s an innovative method of installing inter-locking brick, a graphic image you’ve created, a special recipe, proprietary software, a commercial jingle – if you’ve created it, it needs to be protected.

Here is are the kinds of intellectual property you can protect in Canada through these Acts.

  • The Patent Act – stops other people from making, using, or selling an inventors unique idea for a set period of time.
  • The Trade-marks Act – registration of a word, symbol, or design gives exclusive rights for a set period.
  • The Copyright Act – this is for original literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works.The Industrial Design Act – for the registration of ornamental shapes, or the configuration of industrial objects giving patent-like protection.
  • The Integrated Circuit Topography Act – this provides exclusive rights in the design or “topography” of integrated circuits (the semiconductor chips used in modern electronic technology).
  • The Plant Breeders’ Act – this gives exclusive right to sell and produce a plant breed.

Protecting your intellectual property means your business will profit from your creativity and ingenuity for years to come, without interference from competitors who may try to capitalize on your idea and benefit from it.

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