Sell More By Using Math

My simple one-more-call system of success

I’m always looking ways to beat the odds of getting a sale. Like most people I don’t like to be rejected so that part of selling is not pleasant – it is however a necessary evil. The thing is, sales is really just a numbers game. It’s really just math, and doesn’t rely on how good or not so good you are at selling.

Here’s my system:

  • Average out the value of each call you make (i.e. revenue ÷ by number of calls per month, whether productive or not).
  • Say it comes to $100
  • If you do one more call per day x an average 22 days per month, for an entire year, you will increase your annual revenue by $26,400.
  • If you are on a 15% commission this equates to almost $4000 in income.
  • On top of this it increases your chance of promotion.
  • And – on top of this it compounds year on year!

The key is realising that there is a value to every call, whether or not you make a sale. You have to get a set number of no’s before you get a yes. That’s true of every business and every product. Increase the calls and you’ll increase sales. Of course, increasing your closing rate works too, but that will have to wait for another post.