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Seven Dynamics of Change

There are two realities in life – change is inevitable, and most people hate change. The same is true of business – the economy is in a state of continual flux, customer’s preferences and attitudes change constantly; technology, distribution, markets, industries are dynamic. Competition is, well, competitive – marketing that worked yesterday may not work today.

But, employees are not so keen on change. Routine is good – it makes life easier. Change means adapting and adapting is usually hard work. For the most part people like things the way they are. So, dealing with change in your business comes with many difficulties, not least dealing with all those affected by it.

Understanding what goes though people’s minds when faced with change may help you when introducing change in your business.

Ken Blanchard, management consultant and author of the international best-seller, The One-Minute Manager, identified seven dynamics of change. These are predictable patterns of how most people deal with change. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or work with a staff, knowing a little about these common reactions to change can help you to navigate change in your business more effectively.

The seen dynamics of change are that people:

  1. Feel awkward, ill-at-ease, self-conscious, or fearful.
  2. Focus on what they have to give up.
  3. Feel alone, even if everyone else is going through the same change.
  4. Can handle only so much change.
  5. Are at different levels of readiness for change.
  6. Are concerned that they don’t have enough resources to cope with the change.
  7. Revert to their old behaviours if given the opportunity.


Managing change isn’t easy, but it can be done effectively if you understand the natural response to change and are proactive about strategically managing those responses. The ability to lead effectively through change is a “make or break” skill that will impact how effectively your business moves into the future.

To read the full article including strategies on how to deal with each of the seven dynamics listed above, go to Better Business Content’s – Seven Dynamics of Change.