What is a USP?

When I think about what makes Your Better Business Content special, it’s primarily that all the company’s content is produced by published business writers. This is the company’s primary USP, or unique selling proposition – it’s something that might make someone choose our company over one of our competitors. It’s what makes what we sell distinct and attractive from other companies. In short, it’s what makes us special.

But, why have a USP? Consider for a moment why you shop where you do – perhaps for groceries or books online. Somewhere along the line you made a choice and that choice was based on some sort of criteria. For instance, I shop at a grocery store called Quality Foods. The reasons for my choice are that the store is close to where I live, the staff are friendly, the prices are reasonable, and they allow me to choose one product to be on sale every visit; not only that I am allowed to buy four of this particular product. They also have $1.49 Tuesday pop up sales. These combined form their primary USP. I really like the ability to choose what I get a discount on. Now if the store wasn’t close, the staff unfriendly, and the prices high, maybe the USP wouldn’t be strong enough to keep me coming back but in this case, it’s what maintains my loyalty. It’s a unique benefit – far better than its close competitor who gives a discount only if I buy two, or three of an item.

Your USP can be anything from guaranteed best prices, best/longest warranty, free delivery, free servicing, widest selection, free upgrades, or something completely different (dare I say unique? Whatever it is, it has to be something your competition isn’t offering.

Make it the focal point of your company, ensure it is appealing to customers, build your marketing strategy around it, and make sure it creates excitement and makes you stand out.

One way to discover a USP for your company is to carry out a strengths and weaknesses analysis on your competition and particularly pay attention to their weaknesses. It’s there you may just discover something you could introduce that would give you your USP.

One word of warning – make sure you can live up to your USP. United Airlines used the slogan “Fly the friendly skies” to demonstrate its USP of caring more about its passengers than other airlines. How did that work out? Not all corporate slogans, or tag lines, are companies USP’s but they often reflect the USP. Our slogan for instance is, We Write It – You Take the Credit – It’s That Simple!

If you can have a combination of USP’s all the better! Your Better Business Content also offers customers the ability to read complete articles before purchasing and permission to edit them as they see fit. Being unique gives your company an edge, so think about what you can do to offer your customers something your competitors don’t, or even better can’t!